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AKS returns Shell & Tube Vac Pump Heat Exchanger Scottish & Southern Electric

July 2011

AKS returns shell & tube vac heat exchanger to scottish & south electric after a total remanufacture to its tube nest, the shell, end caps and tube plates received a protective coating and tube end inserts was employed to guard against tube end erosion.

AKS completes BAE Systems contract

July 2011

AKS Heat Transfer returns 4 completely refurbished "Serck Heat Transfer" shell & Tube heat exchangers back to BAE systems Ltd, the coolers was totally re-tubed using 70/30 Copper Nickel tubes and the complete cooler's was pre-conditioned with film protection against premiture failure in sea water working conditions, all coolers was fully pressure tested and works test certificate issued.


AKS completes Nexen Oil & Gas project

June 2011

AKS Heat Transfer wins order to refurbish 10 large pressure motor air coolers from the Buzzard Platform North Sea.

Nexen Oil & Gas International required a specialist company to refurbish 10 high pressure motor air coolers fitted to their production high pressure compressors located in the Buzzard platform in the North Sea UK, they required a company who could meet there stringent and precise needs, re-manufacture the coolers to required delivery dates on an emergency basis and maintain flexibility to work with them on any modifications and new material selection.

In partnership with Whittaker Engineering Ltd Nexen awarded the project to AKS Heat Transfer of Sheffield UK.

In close partnership with Whittaker Engineering & Nexen in material selection AKS manufactured 10 new extended surface air cooler cooling elements, re-assembled complete coolers and fully pressure tested in our Sheffield works using 316 stainless steel tubes and aluminium fins.

Working on a call off basis AKS completed the full project with all coolers returned to the platform as ordered and the project was completed successfully.

Here’s what our clients had to say about this project:

From: Buzzard Facilities Supervisor
Sent: 31 March 2011 16:53
To: Leech, Geoff (Aberdeen); Buzzard OIM; Buzzard Production Supervisor; Buzzard Facilities Supervisor; ~BUZ Ops Team & Support (Onshore); Fox, Matt (Calgary)
Subject: RE: European Daily Report

Dear all,

Thanks very much in the recognition of this task.
The job was done in a very timely way with help from both onshore and the teams offshore. Most importantly it was done in a safe and professional manner.
This recognition from senior management will be rolled out to all offshore.

Best regards

Ron Walton
Facilities supervisor Buzzard.

From: Leech, Geoff (Aberdeen)
Sent: 31 March 2011 16:14
To: Buzzard OIM; Buzzard Production Supervisor; Buzzard Facilities Supervisor; ~BUZ Ops Team & Support (Onshore)
Subject: FW: European Daily Report

All please see thanks below from Matt Fox Exec. VP international.

Please pass on to anyone who was involved in this effort not forgetting our key contractors.

Many thanks


From: Fox, Matt (Calgary)
Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 02:44 PM
To: Fennell, Bob (Aberdeen)
Subject: RE: European Daily Report


Please thank the team who got the HP compressor back up so quickly.

Matt Fox
Executive Vice President, International Oil & Gas Nexen Inc.

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